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Justin Bell is an architect of sound, who delights in the challenge of building an emotionally complex score. Dedicated to subtle details combined with an ever-present consideration of the bigger picture, Justin works closely with collaborators to keep the emotional intent of both the scene and the arc of the full film in mind.


Equally at home in the synth and orchestral world, Justin places an emphasis on artistic quality - acoustic instruments recorded live, and synths mixed to taste.

Justin began his career assisting the composer Johnny Klimek (The Matrix: Resurrections, Sense8), learning to work in a team, handling orchestrations, arrangements, and occasionally being given the opportunity to write for major TV and film projects like Cloud Atlas and Sense8. While this gave him practice working with long form projects and seeing the design from beginning to end first hand, it wasn't until the psychological thriller "Trent" in 2015 that he first struck out on his own, scoring a feature length film. Designing and interweaving character themes, embodied in specially designed sounds, and musical concepts from scratch, his unique scoring earned him an Award of Excellence from the Accolade Film Awards.

Since "Trent", Justin has scored several other feature films, ranging from quirky indie with "Miles" to unsettling synths in "Affairs Of State." To each project, he brings his laser focus on the story to bear on designing a unique musical experience that serves the film and enhances the story.



Drama Thriller
Dark Comedy
Psychological Thriller/Horror
Political Thriller

Orchestration | Arranging | Additional Music

Music Department


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